Relaxed Efficient Breathing

We all take breathing for granted, and so far you’ve done pretty well in your life to get this far without any specific tuition.

But if you want to enjoy your running more, run faster and be less out of breath – then training your breathing system is an absolute must.

Over the years there have been a number of breathing techniques for runners that have been suggested, and with some experimentation you’ll find that one that works for you.

However, to make these more effective I believe you need to do some simple foundation work to train your breathing muscles and understand a bit more about what’s going on.

This pocket of your TCR Ultra Pack contains the resources you need to get control of your breathing and take your running up a level – enjoy!

Come out of lockdown stronger and faster!

Come out of lockdown stronger and faster!

When we all locked down in March, many of us suffered because at the start we couldn't even get out to run. Even though we were allowed to exercise once per day, with the kids being off school and the total disruption, many of us didn't do our running the way we...

Gasping for breath

Gasping for breath

It's bright, cool and you are in your favourite location, about to run your favourite route - absolutely perfect. You set off all bouncy and smiley, but just a few moments later your chest gets tight. Your breathing starts to control you and you slow down. Now you...

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