Links to the tools featured

So, in this collection of mobility tools I have an array of stuff. Here are some links that you can use to find out more about them.


Pulseroll Vibrating foam rollers. They also do a massage gun.

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Trigger Point

Trigger point foam roller

Trigger point massage ball



I couldn’t find a link for the TigerTail foam roller stick, but here’s an alternative from Physix Gear – I’ve used some of their other stuff and it seems fine.


Body Back Buddy and Backnobber

Backnobber, which is the more expensive one

Body Back Buddy, the one I have and is a bit cheaper


Spiky Mobility Balls

Here’s the whole spiky balls category


Voodo Bands

A bunch of Voodoo bands


BackBaller framed foam roller

Here is the link to the standard BackBaller

Here is the lnk to their recovery pack

Homkeen Massage Gun

Link to the Homkeen massage gun

Link to the whole massage gun category


Mobility Tools

And here’s a link to the flexibility category

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