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This is it! This is where the next leg of your running journey starts.

Make sure you read about confidence first, then come back and read on…

Your journey is divided into the Four Pillars of Confident Running, with each pillar forming a section on this site that you can dip into when needed.

Use the articles and videos to start building your very own TCR Ultra Pack, and begin your transformation right away!

If you haven’t already read the Run Strong Guide, I recommend you start there as it lays the foundation for my approach and why you should go about improving your running in a different way than perhaps you have been until now.

Fluidity of Movement

Relaxed, Stable Posture

Relaxed, Efficient Breathing

Clear, Confident Thoughts

Latest Articles

5 Top Running Form Tweaks

5 Top Running Form Tweaks

Whenever I carry out a running assessment and whenever runners ask me questions, it usually ends up being a discussion about running form and what changes runners usually need to make. I base my system of teaching and coaching around my Four pillars of Confident...

Buying Shoes – Top Tips

Buying Shoes – Top Tips

Buying New Shoes It's so exciting! You've envied your running buddies’ shoes, you've goggled at the Google searches and now it's time... And although you’re excited about getting your new shoes and can’t wait to go for your first run in them, there’s a problem: there...

Gasping for breath

Gasping for breath

It's bright, cool and you are in your favourite location, about to run your favourite route - absolutely perfect. You set off all bouncy and smiley, but just a few moments later your chest gets tight. Your breathing starts to control you and you slow down. Now you...

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