I Went From This...

 This was me before I wrote my system for running fast.

Running Technique

To This!

This is me after using my run faster system.

And no, it didn’t happen overnight. In fact it took me several years of experimenting before I found what really worked.

Now I want to share what I learned with you so you can TRANSFORM your running in a fraction of the time it took me.

I've Been There Too

I’ve been exactly where you are now. I’ve been stuck in the rut of not getting any faster and I can tell you that it sucks! 

Because I couldn’t find a simple and effective system that would fit into my life, I developed my own Blueprint for Running.

This has become an entire framework that you can use to run faster this year – and every year.

I base the framework around these three simple steps:

Running Technique

You CAN Run Faster!

Once you have the blueprint I want to help you even more – I’ve gone one step further and created a number of courses to help you apply it.

After all, what’s the point in the Blueprint if you don’t know what to do with it, right?


Do you want this kind of transformation?

Start Applying The Blueprint Now!

The first course in the Blueprint will get your hips and pelvis more fluid than they’ve ever been before.

And the course isn’t just mobility and it’s certainly not Yoga-like moves or hours of stretching.

No, this is dynamic. This is powerful. This is specific running-technique focussed exercises that will get you moving like the runner you’ve always wanted to be.

Your hips are the gateway to your next Personal Best – and this course is the gateway to using that awesome power of your hips!


Limited Time Offer

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It’s not only me that’s proof that this system works, hundreds of other runners that I’ve helped over the years have earned new Personal Best times as well.

“🏆 Wow!! Been working my way through this for a good few days now. This morning got my best Moors Valley parkrun course time for a few years knocking a whopping 1 minute 40 seconds off my usual times. Check it out on Strava. Thanks so much Chris O’Brien”

Move Well

I’ve created a powerful but simple framework called the RAPID Mobility System that is designed to help you achieve all three of the steps in the framework. These are skills and you can become a master far easier than you think.

The jewels in crown, the central power plants of both your running and the RAPID Mobility System are your brain and nervous system. You’ll learn to use specific movements and drills that unlock and unleash your hips, bypassing the usual low-return, high effort exercises and work directly with your brain and nervous system.

“I’ve now done both mobility drills and noticed a marked improvement in movement.”

Unleash Your Hips!

Unleash Your Running Hips is an online course that will transform your running through video lessons, exercises and running technique routines.

It’s as simple as it is powerful, with routines you can do in 15 minutes or less that have a powerful impact.

Limited Time Offer

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Here’s What You Get

Flying Feet

The Magic Unlock Sequence

A super-fast way to unlock more range of movement in your hips in just a few seconds!

Using advanced neurological tricks, you’ll learn to gain almost instant access to more hip extension and flexion.

The Challenge With Mobility

Learn why it’s so hard to get the mobility you need for running. Stop going from plan to plan in your search for something that works.

Flying Feet
RAPID Mobility System

The RAPID Mobility System

Discover how you can quickly overcome the challenge of getting more mobile, and how you can make sure it sticks around.

Hips Are The Gateway To Running

Learn just how important your hips are to your running technique and setting that new PB!

Flying Feet

Deep Ab Activation

Get your deep core muscles working properly! These are essential for excellent running posture, allowing those feet to fly.

Six Pack
Flying Feet

Mobility And Technique Drills

A total of four routines covering mobility, activation, running technique and cross-core strength. Each routine can be broken down into individual exercises you can use at any time.

Limited Time Offer

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