When Your Usual Approach Doesn't Work

  • How long have you been trying to get rid of that stiffness in your muscles?
  • Mow many times do you say “I know I should stretch”
  • How frustrated do you get when you read about this running technique and that running technique but it’s so hard to do?

It’s OK – it’s not you!

It’s very easy to think you should be doing this stretch or that drill, but when you discover that stretching isn’t the best or quickest way to get more range of movement, your whole life changes!

The way you stretch – the way almost everyone stretches – isn’t doing what you think it is. There is a better way to reduce stiffness, muscle soreness and increase your range of  movment.

You just need to know what it is! And in my free 14 Day Challenge you’ll experience this first-hand. This is not just some paper-based PDF sheet – this is a 14 day video course containing:

  • Mobility Routines and drills to help you get moving more freely, for running and for life
  • Education Lessons to give you the knowledge so you are better informed
  • Running Form Drills to get you started on the foundation for improving your running

Put The "TCR Way" To The Test!

What better way to experience the immense power of the TCR framework and brain-first training than taking a 14-day challenge!


It’s completely FREE!

Well almost… all I need is your email address to send you the daily challenge emails. I’ve also got lots of other great stuff to help you on your movement, running and confidence journey for becoming a subscriber to the TCR email list.


Over the next two weeks you can expect…

  • Gains in range of motion
  • Increased fluidity
  • Smoother movements
  • Less stiffness and aches
  • Positive changes to your running form

How It Works

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4. You get to impress yourself and your running buddies with how much better you feel, move and run!


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