Personalised Running

Generic Vs Personalised

While getting a balance between a quick fix for motivating transformations and longer term adaptations is challenging, and both usual approaches  fall short of it, this isn’t really the main issue.

Nope. The main issue is that you are not treated as you. And that’s what I was referring to a few pages back when I stated that “they don’t understand you” – because the only person that can truly understand you is you!

And this is where a neurocentric, brain-first approach wins every time. By using a quick assess/reassess system, you can find the exact exercises, stretches and drills that work for you – how’s that for total personalisation!

Not only that, but as you progress and evolve over time, as your mood changes and your stressors change, the exercises and drills that work the best for you may also change. And this is the beauty of this approach. You no longer need to wonder why a certain exercise works for some runners but not for you – you just assess/reassess and you’ll find a version of it, or an alternative, that will work for you.

So, there is a way to improve your mobility and range of motion. To make changes stick and get better, faster and be out of pain – all within a quicker timeframe than the full progressive approach.

This is really exciting! Let’s find out some more about it.

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