Running Confusion

The Problem

As you’ve probably realised by now from all that you’ve read and watched and listened to – running faster, avoiding injury and ultimately enjoying running more, means you need make some changes to how you run.

But, because it is so hard to actually find the information presented in a simple way, or a simple system to get you there, you’ve either never given it a real go or you’ve tried and found it all just too hard.

The good news is that you’re not alone. And you can stop justifying the lack of progress with the usual excuse of “I’m not really built for running. I just run for the social side of it“.

Look, there are thousands of runners just like you – and let me tell you: you are not the problem!

The coaches, experts, gurus, shoe companies and running shops are the problem. Now, it’s not that they are wrong in what they coach or with the products they sell – I firmly believe that they all do what they do with the very best intentions. It’s just that they don’t really understand you. Let me explain.

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