Unleash Your Hips And Catapult Your Running

Your hips are the gateway to running,

unleash them!

Unlock Your Hips

Do you know how important your hips are?

You know that feeling you get after a long or hard run? The one where the side of your hips are starting to ache and you know that for the next two days thay are going to hurt.

Every time you bend down or try to lift up your knees, you feel like you just want to stretch them out. On your next run you start with a wierd hobbly motion until you get going. Would you like that feeling to stop?

Your hips are the central key to balanced, efficient and free-flowing running form. They are the reason you are able to put power down through your feet. They are the heroes in allowing those beautful, effortless high-cycling heels you see all those other runners showing off as they float across the ground.

Your hips and pelvis form the Big X where all the forces of running transfer from one side of your body to the other, providing a gliding and smooth forward motion.

And according to the thousands of instructional videos all across the Internet, you need to stretch, stretch and stretch even more to unlock your tight hips. But there’s just one problem…

Stretch more or run more?...

If you are anything like most of the runners I meet and coach, you’ll often think “I should stretch more”. But stretching takes so long to see the results you want, and for us runners it can be… well it can be a bit boring!

Isn’t that why you don’t stretch as much as you “should”?

Spending hours each week stretching just eats into your running time. And for what? As soon as you stop your regular stretching routine, you often go back to where you started – right back to those tight hips!

But that’s really not your fault. You just want a quick and easy system that works. Why does everyone produce stretching-based plans that take so long? You need to be so dedicated to see the results they show you – but you’re not them. You’re you – you’re a unique you that needs a “unique you” approach.

There must be a better way!

“🏆 Wow!! Been working my way through this for a good few days now. This morning got my best Moors Valley parkrun course time for a few years knocking a whopping 1 minute 40 seconds off my usual times. Check it out on Strava. Thanks so much Chris O’Brien”

14 Day Challenge using the RAPID Mobility System

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Decoding your tightness

Finding a better way is exactly why I’ve spent the past 11 years developing my RAPID Mobility System – a system specifically designed to unlock your tight muscles quickly and with long-lasting results. This means you can spend more time enjoying your running so you can keep getting better and better.

My Story

I’ve been just like you. I’ve been where you are now: wanting to get a little bit better, a little bit faster while just enjoying my running. But something was always holding me back – those tight muscles.

I started running at the age of 38 and wasn’t exactly built for running…

  • Overweight
  • Unfit and out of breath
  • Couldn’t run from one lamppost to the next

But I was determined to change my health and wanted to still be around and active as my new-born twin girls grew up. I didn’t want to miss a moment of their precious lives.

I tried everything to improve my running. I bought all the latest running form and technique books and systems; I went headlong into stretching and high intensity fitness plans. I even took up boxing for three years to get super fit to start running marathons!

But one thing always remained – those tight muscles, and in particular tight hips. My hips would hurt on long runs, and I found it difficult to change parts of my technique because I couldn’t lift my knees up from my hips properly.

Stretching just didn’t seem to work for me, even though it appeared to work for other people. And then I discovered why.

For stretching to work effectively, you need to stretch regularly with each session taking considerable time. I could never stick to this and wanted a quick way to relieve my tight muscles – but I just couldn’t find it.

I’ve now done both mobility drills and noticed a marked improvement in movement. My main areas of tightness are hips( nagging niggle on the right), and my forward bend is shocking, room for improvement.”

14 Day Challenge using the RAPID Mobility System

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Frustrated Coach

After I qualified as a UK Athletics running coach, I started coaching athletes who were ordinary runners just like you and me.

I was getting frustrated that no matter what my athletes did, some of them couldn’t make the changes to their technique they needed. I discovered that is was down to their tight hips and this was blocking their progress and ruining their enjoyment of running.

They tried static and dynamic stretching, and while they got results – in order to keep their fluid and free hips they had to do so much stretching that they, just like me, got bored and stopped – the tight hips returned.

They did strength work, and for some of them it worked great. It allowed them to muscle through despite their tight hips. But the problem was that it put extra strain on their knees and caused them to overuse their thigh muscles, tiring them out and making them sore the next day.

I decided to find a solution that would give quick results AND for those results to last a long time without having to continually spend hours each week stretching or going to the gym.

My research, learning and commitment to finding a solution over all those years led me to write the RAPID Mobility System.

Enjoyed it so far, interesting how small movements are making a difference to my posture. Learned a lot and really started to think more about what I’m doing whilst running.

14 Day Challenge using the RAPID Mobility System

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How does it work?

The RAPID Mobility System targets the level of your brain and nervous system to get to the core of your blocks and tightness. 

Why go to the marshal when you can go directly to the race director?

Because the system works with your brain in a way it can understand, you bypass the effort and frustration you normally experience when dealing with tight muscles.

The RAPID Mobility System is both rapid by name and rapid by nature. In just a few minutes each session, you will get closer to unlocking your hips and when you do – boom! It only takes a few minutes each week to maintain.

In fact, many people can maintain free and smooth-moving hips with a single session every two weeks or even once per month!

Unlock Your Hips

But don’t take just my word for it, try the system for yourself. Follow along to this short video to unlock a range of movement you probably haven’t used for a long time!

Stop wasting time with ineffective stretching programs that leave you dissatisfied and frustrated.

Create more time to enjoy your running with a super-fast system you will be satisfied with. More than that, you’ll have the awesome tools and understanding of the RAPID Mobility System that you can use whenever you want.

Does it work in the real world of running?

I went from that overweight, unfit non-runner to an 18:49 5k and a sub 3 hour marathon as I developed the system.

It gets better!

And more exciting! That 5k personal best time was set in November 2015 when I was 44 years old. I started putting this specific course together in November last year (2020), now aged 49. By following the sessions as I had written them for this course, I surprised myself with just how effective it is.

On December 18th I ran a virtual 5k race in my local area and set a time I haven’t been near for years! And I was only 26 seconds slower than the personal best set five years ago!

I think that speaks for itself…

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Get the easiest and quickest system for unleashing your running hips and transform your running!

Use the RAPID Mobility system to first unlock your tight hips, and then add specific running technique drills to help you get the most out of the extra range of movement you are getting.

It’s all in this course with video lessons, suggested schedules and PDF downloads to ensure you stay on track.

Unleash Hips Level 1


Here’s What’s Included…

  • 4 Different Routines

  • Video lessons and demonstrations

  • Downloadable PDF of the routines

  • Advice on scheduling the sessions

  • How to build the system into a RAPID warm up taking 5 minutes or less

  • How build your own RAPID cool down

  • Worksheets to help you through the warm up and cool down process

By the end of the course you will have smoother moving hips, a greater range of movement, and be building all of this into your running to help improve your technique.

You’ll also understand why this approach is the only approach for long term results.

Most important of all – you’ll have the confidence to deconstruct the sessions and use the drills that work best for you, whenever you need to use them.

Unleash Your Running Hips Level 1

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