The TCR Way

I believe you deserve to run the way you want to, and pursue your running dreams.”

And I really do – this is why I became a coach in the first place.

But up until now, trying to run the way you want has probably been frustrating and you’ve compromised a lot on your journey, so let’s change that.

You now know that to run better you need to adapt your muscles and connective tissue. You also know that making positive changes to your running form can help you run faster and longer, as well as reduce your risk of injury.

And most importantly of all, you know you need to reduce those threats so you can keep your brain feeling safe so it will allow you to pursue your running dreams instead of holding you back.

The Confident Runner (TCR) approach is to assess and act at the level of the brain first, and then build in the elements of adaptation and running form.

This is based on my Four Pillars of Confident Running:

  1. Fluidity of movement
  2. Relaxed, stable posture
  3. Relaxed, efficient breathing
  4. Clear, confident thoughts

By always working at the level of the brain before anything else means the changes come more quickly and stay put once you’ve mastered them. You are setting a foundation to completely personalise your exercise and running experience.

Unlocking and unblocking your nervous system through simple drills and exercises reduces some of the threats (particularly the movement, balance and vision ones), creating more “space” in your system to handle the other threats in your life. As part of this process you learn to move more smoothly, activate the muscle power you already have, and transform your running forever.

Each of the drills and exercises are tools in your virtual TCR Ultra Pack. A pack you can delve into at any time, whether running, preparing to run or in your everyday life.

And because we know the brain likes to stay where it is once it has adapted and feels safe, we keep moving forward in a brain-safe way.

Then, when you are ready to progress, we add resistance and challenges to the movements. This helps to upregulate your brain, making it work harder but in a way it knows is safe – meaning it keeps on adaptating. This is what helps you become the runner you’ve always wanted to be. 

Right, I know you’re itching to give it go, so let me give you an example you can test right now.

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