Try For Yourself

So you can experience first hand the immense power of this approach, let’s do a simple exercise:

Using traditional stretching and mobility exercises alone, even Yoga, it would have taken many hours or even weeks of stretching to achieve the improvements you’ve just experienced. But I didn’t need to tell you that because I bet you’ve already tried lots of stretching without much in the way of long-term results.

With brain-first techniques, sometimes we get long-lasting range of motion right away – within seconds. More often though, we get short-term (1 hour to several days) improvements right away and then the long-term improvements come with doing something in the new range of motion – but you’ll learn more about that another time.

So, if we think about brain-first as a pre-method, the drills and tools in your TCR Ultra Pack will make all forms of exercise (running, Yoga, Pilates etc), mobility and strength work far more effective than just the exercises alone. 

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