It’s all about the running form

Whenever I carry out a running assessment and whenever runners ask me questions, it usually ends up being a discussion about running form and what changes runners usually need to make.

I base my system of teaching and coaching around my Four pillars of Confident Running, which you can read more about in my Run Strong Guide. But for this post I want to simply provide you with a list of what I believe are the top 5 tweaks that runners will benefit from the most.

  • Better dynamic balance. This is single leg balance while jumping, hopping and moving your head.
  • Improved ankle range of motion.
  • Improved foot strength.
  • Increased activation of your glutes, hips and core.
  • Improved foot placement.

You’ll notice I don’t mention things like arm swing or pronation, and that’s because they tend to be more symptoms rather than things that can be tweaked directly.

There are also lots of little details in each of these that go into actually making the changes easy and making them stick (see the Run Strong Guide for an approach that will set you up for success), but the list provides you with a starting point to think about what you can look to improve.

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