I’ve been there…

I started running at 38 years of age, in August 2009. I was a non-runner, overweight and incredibly unfit.

Zoom forwards ten years and I’ve placed first in a 10k; first in a 12-hour endurance race; placed 3rd two years in a row in a 24-hour endurance race; run 02:59:04 for the marathon, 01:24:10 for the half marathon; 38:15 for the 10k and 18:49 for the 5k.

You can listen to more of my journey on Mike Maddox’s Smashing Fifty podcast here.

Now, I don’t say all that to brag or blow my own trumpet, but as an illustration that I went from knowing nothing about running in 2009 to being a fairly decent runner in just a few years. And if I can do that, then so can you if you have the right process to follow.

For the past seven years I’ve been helping other runners follow their own running journey through coaching, assessments, workshops and online education.

Throughout my own running journey and helping others on theirs, I’ve learned a lot about the best way to improve as a runner. Especially if, like me, you lead a busy life with work and family. You don’t have all the time in the world like an elite athlete does – and even if you did, would you want to spend it all devoted to running?

Fortunately, I’ve spent the hundreds and hundreds of hours over the last ten years discovering, creating and refining that process so you can simply follow it without having to reinvent the wheel.

And, I’m going to share the outline of that process so you can immediately save time by continuing your journey in the right direction.

Running Form

Change is hard

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but changing how you run can be hard! I’m going to guess that you’ve tried a few times to make small tweaks here and there. I’m going to further guess that while some of those tweaks may have stuck, most won’t have and you have reverted back to the runner you were trying to change.

Change is hard no matter what you do in life, but by following the process above you can make those changes and they can become a permanent part of your running.

That’s is why I started this business – to be your guide through the process and little by little offer you the tools so you can build your confidence and take control of your running. And it all starts with your mindset:

Everything is possible with the right approach

To discover more about my approach and how I can help you make fast and long-lasting transformations, read my free Run Strong Guide here.

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