Change is good

If you are anything like me as a runner, you’ve tried to make some kind of ppositive change to your running form. Often though, the change doesn’t stick and we get frustrated and fed up and think we are failing because that guy on YouTube says you should be able to do it.

So what’s going on? Why is it so hard to make that small change in your running technique that will help you go that bit faster and run that bit better?


Why I started running

Throughout my journey as a runner and a coach, I’ve learned a thing or two about how we approach taking on a new challenge such as losing weight, becoming more mobile, or changing how we run.

The whole reason I got into running in the first place was to lose weight and get fit so I could still be around as my twin daughters grew up. This was a very strong motivation for me, and I committed to making the change.

I learned so much along the journey that I decided I wanted to share what I had experienced and learned with whomever would listen. As part of that I took a nutritional coaching qualification through Precision Nutrition, one that I keep up to date today.


Ready to make a change?

A large part of that course was about managing change, and helping clients to navigate the often difficult decisions they have to make when wanting to lose weight.

During my training and qualifications through ZHealth in the brain-first performance approach that I take, there is also a large emphasis on managing change. The approach taken by both Precision Nutrition and ZHealth are similar, and boil down to being ready to commit.

You can make all kinds of noises about how you should be eating better; you should be doing more mobility and flexibility work. You can make great gusto of the fact that you now have the time to fit activation and strength work into your week; that you are ready to make that change in your eating habits; or that you recognise you need to do this now while your kids are still young enough to benefit from a fitter, healthier you.


But ask yourself this:

Does any of the above actually mean you are committed to making a change?


What action are you taking now to make that first step a reality?


Talking about being ready or needing to know you have to change is not the same as taking action on making that change.

You can have all the vision in the World, all the intention, but without action it’s all just a dream, a want, a subject to talk about today, tomorrow – this time next year.

Take action today towards being a better mover, a stronger runner, a more focused athlete – no matter what level you are at.

Like running itself, it only takes the next step to get you started.

Changes in running form often lead to lower injury risk and faster running. I’ve discovered that helping runners unleash their hips can make the changes to running form easier and longer lasting. Find out more in my free Run Strong Guide and in my Unlock Hips Course

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